Essilor® innovation - New myopia control lens Diagonale


Essilor® innovation - New myopia control lens

Your Clinic is proud to present you in preview: Stellest ™, the new myopia control lens by Essilor®

80% of your children's learning is through their vision. Myopia impacts their eyesight and their lives significantly.
Myopia that progresses in childhood can lead to severe visual impairment in adulthood.

Essilor® has designed Stellest™ to correct and control myopia.

  • A vision as clear as with a standard lens.
  • A 67% slowdown in the progression of myopia compared to a standard lens, wearing Stellest 12 hours a day.
  • Esthetics, reliability and simplicity.



Correction of myopia: a zone of unifocal vision which focuses the light on the retina provides good acuity and comfort.

Control of the progression of myopia: a constellation of 1021 invisible microlenses create a volume of signals in front of the retina and act as a brake on the lengthening of the eye (axial length).


Do not hesitate to speak with your optometrist or your optician for more information.


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