Our fees


Bélanger Optometry Clinic provides all the eye examinations you may need.

Our examinations are available to you at competitive prices. Trust our outstanding team of optometrists for your eye exam in Montreal.

Our Fees


Eye examination, eye health and contact lenses are covered by health insurance for those:

  • 18 and under
  • Over 65
  • Receiving social welfare


Examinations not covered:

Eye exam: $110 (including retinal imaging)

Partial exam: $60

Contact lens exam: $50

Keratoconus contact lens exam: $200 (Appointment with Dr. Patrick Simard or Dr. Rémy Marcotte)

Orthokeratology exam: $300 (requires a myopia control exam beforehand with Dr. Patrick Simard or Dr. Rémy Marcotte)

Low vision exam: $110 (if not covered by health insurance)

Scan for glaucoma or retinal assessment: $60

Retinal imaging: $20

Eye emergency: $70 for an adult and $50 for a child

Eye emergency with flash, or loss of vision: $110 (includes scan, imaging, dilation)

SAAQ form: $40